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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Batter Up!!!

Sparks Team!!!

June 2011

It has been a long time since I have updated our blog, so I am just going to put some pictures of things that have been going on.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jacey practicing for her talk in primary

Jacey did a great job on her talk. She practiced over and over till she had it all memorized. Then when we went up to the podium, she crouched down to hide and motioned her finger for me to come towards her. She said, "Mom I don't want to do this". I told her that we would do it together. She finished her talk perfectly and did a great job. You wouldn't think it if you knew Jacey, but she is the most shy in our family.


After a hard day at work at the service project we were all tired, especially Boe. He seems to always be falling asleep in weird places.

Service project

We had an opportunity to give service for the elderly. Here we are washing windows. What a great opportunity for our kids.

Gunner's broken arm

Gunner was playing at Cub Scouts and fell of a wall while playing tag. We took him to the hospital were they told us that it was broken in 2 places and needed surgery to put pins in. Here he is after surgery enjoying a popcicle. He was pretty out of it from the drugs. Thank you to everyone that called and send cards and gifts. We really appreciate it!

Portlyn in Softball

Portlyn is in softball now and doing well. She has a mean swing. She is so small that when she gets up to bat you don't expect her to hit it as hard as she does. She is becoming quite the athlete. She is the 3rd baseman in the picture.

Cub Scouts

Gunner got his Bear in Cub Scouts this month. He has worked really hard on it. We are very proud of him.


Jacey is very excited about playing t-ball this year. At first she didn't want to do it, but we made her. She loves it now. She is the youngest and smallest on the team, but she sure has an arm.

Mighty Hunter

Boe wanted to get in on the action too!

Mt. Hood

Dad and Gunner practicing shooting. Gunner is hoping to get drawn for deer this year. He is very excited about turning 10 and being able to hunt soon.

Easter Sunday

The kids looked so nice for church. We got Boe the hat thinking that he would never let us put it on, but he wouldn't take it off. We weren't even allowed to touch it.

Boe and Mom coloring Easter eggs

Portlyn coloring Easter eggs

Jacey coloring Easter eggs

Bear Hunt

This is an old picture of Cameron and Gunners bear hunt. They had a great time together. Some of you had been asking about them, so here it is!

Gunner with a Snake

Gunner found a snake and wanted to keep it as a pet. We tried it for a while, but couldn't find enough insect to feed it on a daily basis. So he had to release it at the park by our house.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nails with Grandpa Pew

Thanks Grandpa Pew for taking us to get our nails done!